Sol-N-Air, Inc., is a non profit corporation which has been determined to be a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service in 2014. Our mission is to educate the public worldwide of the dangers of leaving children and pets in parked vehicles. The primary goal of Sol-N-Air, Inc., is to provide education via warning signs. These warning signs are paid for by sponsors and are made and delivered, at no cost, for installation in municipal parking lots, city and county parks as well as in private parking lots.

Any municipality or private parking lot owner interested in providing this message to their community may request these signs which will include the applicable laws of local municipalities and states. The printing and delivery of requested signs is always dependent upon available sponsors and funds.

Anyone interested in providing this message to their community may also freely download the sign designs. Upon request, these sign designs can also be provided for download in different sizes and may exclude the images, if only the wording is desired.

Sol-N-Air, Inc., can provide these warning signs in various foreign languages.