Procedures to Sponsor Signs

  • Contact paolapotts@solnair.org with the following details:
  • 1. Indicate which project(s) you would like to sponsor.
  • 2. Indicate the number of signs by design type (A, B C, D) you would like to sponsor (see links below).
  • 3. Indicate whether a sponsor name should be provided on the sign you are sponsoring. Remember that only Designs "A" and "D" projects may have a sponsor name.
  • 4. If sponsoring a sign with a sponsor name (Design A or D), provide the exact wording of the name of the sponsor as it should appear on the sign.
  • 5. Wait until you receive confirmation of sponsorship via an email confirmation message. Do not forward any funds until you receive this confirmation from SOL-N-AIR, Inc., that you will be one of the sponsors for your selected sign project.
  • 6. Once you receive confirmation that you will be one of the sponsors, calculate the cost for the number of signs that will be sponsored. Then, within three (3) business days of receiving your sponsorship confirmation, forward a check payable to Sol-N-Air, Inc., for the calculated cost or via the PayPal link as provided on our Donate web page. A tax deductible receipt for your donated funds will then be returned for your records upon receipt of your donation.
  • 7. Once the project signs have been printed and installed, SOL-N-AIR, Inc. will provide you, via email, with at least one photograph of the installed signs along with location information so that you may see the actual installed sign(s) you have sponsored.
  • All funds received for sponsoring warning signs are utilized only for producing signs and for their mounting hardware.

Sign and Hardware Specifications

  • 12" x 24" .063 aluminum, with sets of pole mount hardware which include two (2) 36" adjustable stainless steel straps and two (2) flared saddle brackets with one-way bolts.