Sol-N-Air, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non profit organization that was organized as a public benefit corporation in August of 2013. Our mission is to educate the public about the dangers of leaving children and pets unattended in parked vehicles. We carry out our mission by providing warning signs and other educational materials that warn of these dangers. Our warning signs are provided at no charge to participating municipalities, counties and private parking lot owners who grant permission for the warning signs to be installed in their public parking lots, parks, and other structures where the public can immediately see posted warnings.

Sol-N-Air, Inc. was organized as a result of a personal campaign undertaken by Paola Potts, a resident of San Diego County, when she created a heat warning sign to assist cities in educating the public about the dangers of leaving children and pets unattended in parked cars. This campaign began by first making certain that the warning signs complied with all local sign ordinances for installation on both public and private properties. Next, she made presentations to both public and private entities seeking permission to have signs installed as a public service at no charge. These initial efforts proved successful as both the City of Escondido and Ace Parking in San Diego approved the installation of these warning signs. Sixty four signs were installed in the parks and public parking lots of Escondido and nineteen signs were installed in various pay parking lots of Ace Parking in downtown San Diego.

Paola attributes the success of this program because it provides a public benefit that helps save lives. Signs posted in parking lots and other supporting structures are a constant reminder to parents and animal owners as they park their vehicles not to leave a child or an animal unattended in the car they are parking. She also attributes the success of the warning sign projects because public recognition of this prevalent but preventable problem allows the program to be driven by word of mouth from sponsors of diversified origins, such as humane society friends, police, fire fighters, community organizations, and the public in general.

For more information on this sign campaign, please contact
Paola Potts at or at 760-803-6012.

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